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We all want to look our best but, as we age taking care of our hair, skin, and nails can be quite tedious and unfortunately for many, it can be difficult getting to a salon or barbershop. Best Home Salon Care brings you salon services right in the comfort of your own home "hairdresser near me". We offer many traditional salon services you love, such as Shampoo, Haircut, Blow-dry Style and more. 


Best Home Salon Care is an in-home salon service that specializes in servicing seniors and people with disabilities. We believe that a basic shampoo, cut and style is essential to healthy hygiene and life style. We focus on helping those who can not leave their homes to go to a salon and those who can not help themselves. Our mission is to help people feel their best by looking their best!​


“After so many years working in a salon environment, I began to notice a trend happening with my senior clientele. During winter seasons some were not showing up to scheduled appointments and others had a hard time traveling to the salon due to physical ailments.”_ Betty


As a salon professional, Betty felt it was important for her to keep up with her clients and provide as much help as she possibly could, so she began to offer at home salon services. One of the first homes she visited was a nursing home and there she met so many non-mobile seniors in need of hair care. She now operates Best Home Salon Care offering traditional salon services in the comfort of the homes of seniors with the lack of ability to travel to a salon or barbershop.


With Best Home Salon Care, your satisfaction is our number one priority. We are dedicated to providing seniors with a wide range of quality personalized In-Home Salon services that are catered specifically to your needs. We visit nursing homes, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, and hospitals. We are fueled by the desire to have you feeling and looking your best. Book today to start looking and feeling amazing!

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