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Hair Care For The Aging Adult

As we age taking care of our hair, skin and nails can be quite tedious and unfortunately, for many, traveling to a salon or barber shop can be nearly impossible. At this stage in life, it is usually the adult children and or caregivers of the aging adults left with the responsibility to take care of the aging adults personal grooming needs. A Salon Professional by the name of Elizabeth Souffrant raised a particular question, “How do seniors and people with disabilities who are incapable of leaving their homes or even their beds take care of their hair?”  Elizabeth Souffrant, a Salon Professional of 5 years, noticed a trend in her senior clientele while working in the salon. Many were not showing up for scheduled appointments and this raised a concern for Elizabeth. “As a Salon Professional it is important for me to keep up with my clientele needs and offer as much help as I possibly can,” said Souffrant.

Elizabeth reached out to her clientele and learned of the difficulties the seniors were facing. Some of her clients could not travel to the salon due to physical ailments and harsh weather conditions. She also learned that others were losing their ability to drive and finding transportation was another factor as to why her clients were not coming in. To better serve her senior clientele, Elizabeth began to offer in-home salon services. She first traveled to a nursing home to service her client and friend by the name of Barbra. At this nursing home, Elizabeth met many other non-mobile aging adults in dire need of hair, skin and nail care. Elizabeth realized this was a serious issue as these needs were being neglected. She took it upon herself to start an official in-home salon service called Best Home Salon Care, where she specializes in serving the homebound, wheelchair-bound, and bedridden. She travel’s to private residences, nursing homes, retirement homes, and hospitals. She has been doing so since February of 2018

Elizabeth has served many aging adults since then and will continue to do so. Also, many adult children and caregivers have deemed her services to be very valuable, as finding transportation and a salon to accommodate special needs can be very difficult and time-consuming.  Elizabeth is offering a 25% discount to all new guests who book a service with her for a limited time only. Do visit her on her website and see how you or your loved one can start looking and feeling your best today!

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