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Home Salon Services and COVID-19

In the area of hairdressing, a hairdresser cuts and arranges the hair. They also color the hair, if required. Hairdressing can change your face and boost your self-esteem. When it comes to senior citizens or any older person, hairdressing can be challenging as you may require to consider their chronic conditions, nutrition, and medication before getting them dressed. Nevertheless, the seniors deserve a home salon, where the hair specialist comes to their home and makes them feel at ease so they can be at par with others in a group. A clean hair and an attractive hairstyle make the seniors feel young and prevent the infection from spreading.

How does a home salon hairdresser protect elderly clients from COVID-19?

A home salon protects the elderly client from COVID-19 in the following ways.

  • A home salon professional hairdresser wears the mask to control infection

  • Maintain hygiene in the surroundings

  • Wash hands before and after the end of every service

  • Sanitizes the equipment before use and reuse

  • Use disposable gloves during every service

  • Please provide them with the medication to boost the immunity system

We at Best Home Salon Care are taking the necessary precautions to protect our beloved Seniors. We are educated, certified and trained on infection control principles and have updated our Barbicide Certification in COVID-19.


Hairdressing is as necessary as hair care. A neatly combed hair can protect the senior from all diseases, especially COVID-19

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